Levi - "Coffee of Peace" -  Artisan Blend

Levi - "Coffee of Peace" - Artisan Blend


Tolima Dolores is known as “Cafe de la Paz”, which literally means Coffee of Peace.

This is an organic certified coffee from Acopaz. Acopaz is a small community of coffee farmers which include 47 reformed soldiers. These soldiers lives were beautifully changed and united through farming coffee- a heart warming story of grace & hope.


This blend has been created in honor of the birth of our firstborn, Jaedon Levi. Levi means "to unite, tie or join together in harmony"


L'Chaim Levi and welcome to the world little one

May your life be the ultimate reflection of hope and colored in with harmony.

  • Roast Profile

    Darker Medium Roast - Full City

  • Strength


  • Flavour notes

    Tasting Notes: Nuts and spices
    Aroma: Orange, cacao nibs and hazelnut

    Aftertaste: Long
    Acidity: Medium
    Body: Round
    SCA Score: 83

  • Acidity


  • Body


  • Suggested Prep Methods

    Stove Top