Why Wood-Fired Coffee Roasting?

Updated: Apr 13, 2020

Snobs Coffee Roastery made its first appearance back in 2009. The company name originated from a curiosity about coffee that wanted to know what truly goes into making the so-called “perfect cup,” both from a scientific but also health and taste standpoint.

Alternative Roasting

One of the areas that sparked a lot of our initial interest in coffee roasting was the complexity of all the various heat transfers taking place within the drum, and even more so within the green bean.

For this reason, we opted for an alternative method when it comes to how we roast our coffees by making use of Solar (and even more uniquely) Wood-Fired Roasters!

Snobs Coffee Roastery is South Africa’s only commercial Wood-Fired Coffee Roastery.

Briefly put, the Wood-Fired process extracts heat from a furnace mounted to the side of the roaster. Inside the furnace, you’ll find a fire made with a particular wood-type that we pair with a specific coffee bean. At a certain temperature the heat from the furnace is channeled to, and through the drum, holding the raw green beans, and then regulated according to how we want to roast that particular coffee bean.